Features of Lava Seawater

  • Lava seawater can be used stably at any time as a safe water resource without harmful substances because, unlike general seawater, it is not exposed to the external environment.
  • While lava seawater and general seawater have similarities including minerals (including Mg and Ca) because both of them originate from seawater, lava seawater contains minerals (including Zn, V and Ge) that are good for human bodies as it infiltrates underground through volcano bedrock
  • Ongoing
    stable development because of stability, fewer daily or seasonal changes, and less change of physical features.
  • Cleanliness
    Clean underground water resource because no pathogens, ammonia nitrogen or phenols are detected.
  • Stability
    Underground water resource securing safety without toxicity for animal models with no mercury or cadmium detected.
  • Functionality
    High industrial applicability due to functional minerals including magnesium and calcium.

Differentiation from other water

Lava seawater created along with Jeju Island 400,000 years ago

Lava seawater contains a clean Jeju by natural filtration through volcanic bedrock in the eastern region of Jeju. It is a unique underground water resource of Jeju with economic value because it can be pulled from the ground.

  • Mercury


    • Lava seawater remains at a constant temperature, 17~18℃, all the year round.
    • The surface water of general seawater shows the most extreme seasonal change between 15℃ and 27℃.
    • The temperature of the bottom layer of general seawater fluctuates between 15℃ and 20℃.
  • Salt


    • Lava seawater has a salinity of 33 psu, all year round.
    • Salt in the surface water of general seawater has most extreme seaonal change up to 33~35psu.
    • Salt in the bottom layer of general seawater changes by season between 33 and 55 psu.
  • pH


    • pH of lava seawater remains constant at 7.6
    • pH of general seawater is high in summer and low in winter, between 7.9 and 8.1
  • General microorganisms

    General microorganisms

    • No general microorganisms are detected in lava seawater all year round
    • General microorganisms are detected in general seawater all year round, up to 60,000CFU/ml in summer
  • Total Coliform Group

    Total Coliform Group

    • No total coliform group is detected in lava seawater all year round.
    • Total coliform group is detected in general seawater all year round, up to 15,000CFU/ml in summer.

Lava seawater and deep seawater

Deep seawater is pulled from the deep ocean floor up to 200m below sea level. So it requires a large economic cost for the installation and management of pipes to pull up water. However, lava seawater is pulled up from terrestrial ground so that it can be developed with relatively less cost and the minerals contained in it from the volcanic bedrock can be used in various fields.


Lava Seawater Intake


Deep Seawater Intake

이 표는 일반해수, 해양심층수, 용암해수, 미네랄 특성으로 구분되어 내용을 볼 수 있는 표입니다.
General Seawater Deep Seawater Lava Seawater Features of Minerals
Na (Sodium) 10762 11000 10510 Keeping pH balance and moisture at the proper rate in the blood as an essential mineral
Mg (Magnesium) 1294 1270 1295 Preventing coronary heart disease and osteoporosis and reducing cholesterol level
Ca (Calcium) 413 474 399 Preventing coronary heart disease and osteoporosis and reducing cholesterol level
K (Potassium) 387 403 400 Maintaining normal blood pressure. Cell metabolite. Enzymatic action. Protein synthesis
Br (Bromine) 67 80.3 63.4 Preventing osteoporosis. Reducing cavities and occurrence of prostate cancer
Sr (Strontium) 7.8 8.03 7.7 Infectious disease of the meninges. Peripheral nerves. Preventing arthritis and helping to treat skin diseases
Zn (Zinc) 0.00035 below 0.005 0.019 Essential for prostate and thyroid function. Generating insulin
Fe (Iron) 0.00003 below 0.03 0.015 Generating hemoglobin and myoglobin. Maintaining the immune system
Mn (Manganese) 0.00002 below 0.005 0.008 Forming cartilage and maintaining generation of sex hormones. Generating thyroxine. Helping to treat diabetes
V (Vanadium) 0.002 - 0.015 Preventing arterial hardening. Helping to treat diabetes. Improving hyperlipidemia
Se (Selenium) 0.0001 below 0.005 0.013 Anti-cancer and anti-oxidant effect. Strengthening liver function. Preventing myocardial infarction and hypertension
Ge (Germanium) - - 0.002 Anti-cancer and anti-virus function. Inhibiting the rise of blood pressure. Improving calcium metabolism