Scope of industrial application

Promotion of Jeju-style creative industry using lava seawater

Lava seawater containing beneficial minerals including natural calcium and magnesium can enhance the highly added value of a variety of products including functional drinks and cosmetics.

  • Beverage
    • Edible salty underground water, functional drinks
    • Mixed beverage using local specialties
    • Sports drinks using minerals
  • Cosmetics
    • Dermal regeneration/functional lotion, cream and gel
    • Bath preparations and spa products
    • Cleansers (including soaps and shampoos)
  • Food
    • Functional food including calcium and magnesium supplements
    • Fermented drinks including tofu and yogurt
    • Food sauces using demineralized water/condensed water
    • Liquors (traditional wines, soju, beers)
  • Raw Materials
    • Tourism industry and experience education programs
    • Eco-friendly fruit and vegetable farming
    • Cultivation of marine organism with highly added value