About Lava Seawater?

Lava seawater is produced as seawater runs underground by natural filtration through the volcanic bedrock. It is a unique underground water resource of Jeju and contains rich minerals and nutritive salts with almost no organic material or pathogens.

제주화산석 용암해수

Features & Differentiation

Lava seawater containing beneficial minerals including natural calcium and magnesium can enhance the highly added value of a variety of products including functional drinks and cosmetics.

안정성, 청정성, 안정성, 기능성

용암해수 산업화 활용

About Certified Brands

‘Baranul Jeju Water’ combines the word ‘Bara’ (pure Korean word meaning ‘the sea’) and ‘Nul’ (pure Korean word meaning ‘the land). It is a certified brand of lava seawater given only to products manufactured in the Lava Seawater Industrial Complex.

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Products made using lava seawater!


Lava Seawater Video

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Lava Seawater IndustrializationSupport Center

The Lava Seawater Industrialization Support Center provides a business space and facilities for enterprises and implements extensive activities including research for industrial application of lava seawater, development of goods, and the promotion and marketing of lava seawater.